The biggest range of decorative products

Surcotech produce an extensive range of products designed to produce metallic or lustre effects when fired on porcelain, china, earthenware, tile, lead crystal glass and soda lime glass. Lustre products are defined as products which contain less than 6% precious metal.

Lustre films are generally thin oxide films they do not exhibit metallic properties. The exceptions to this are Surcotech’s specialist range of “metallic” lustres notably gold, copper, bronze and pewter.

Metallic products known as liquid gold contain mixtures of gold, silver, platinum and palladium along with other trace metal additives. Mixtures of gold and palladium are referred to as white gold while preparations referred to as platinum contain mixtures of gold and platinum.

Specialist products such as resinates for industrial and electronics use are available by specific request.



Precious Metals

Preparations for glazes, Preparations for porcelain, Preparations for bone China-tile, Auxiliary preparations

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High added value for “Third-Firing” industry. Gold, Platinium and Lustre effect. Metalcid inks were awarded the Alpha 2012.

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A glaze is usually made up of one or more frits with the addition of, where necessary, raw material, pigments, salts, etc.

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